We specialize in portable, bedside, and bulk oxygen solutions.

Portability Solutions

  • Gas Cylinder – We can provide your residents with any size tank (M6, B, C, D, or E).
  • Liquid Portable – We have a variety of liquid portables ranging from lightweight 8-lb units to 3.9-lb “Helios” units.
  • Portable ConcentratorsContact us for details.

Bedside Solutions

  • Concentrator – We offer the latest in oxygen concentrator technology. Our concentrators are lightweight, do not have external filters to clean, and are ultra-quiet with noise levels half of a standard machine.
  • High-Flow Concentrator – We can supply you with a 10-liter concentrator that can meet the needs of your patients on 6-10 liters per minute for about half the cost of a liquid oxygen base unit.
  • Liquid Reservoirs – If you have a situation where liquid is required at the bedside and no wall oxygen is available, we can provide you with stationary base units that can accommodate flow-rates up to 15 lpm. Utilized with tracheostomy or venti-mask patients.

Bulk Systems/Pipeline Construction

  • Bulk Systems – ProCaire can partner with you to design and install a wall-based oxygen delivery system with bulk tanks up to 3,000 gallons.
  • Bulk Oxygen Delivery – We can also supply you with gas or liquid oxygen for any kind of bulk oxygen system.
  • Certification of Your System – When your pipeline system needs its annual inspection and certification, ProCaire can accommodate your schedule and budget.