ProCaire is an authorized partner of Blue Chip Medical Products, Inc. of Suffern, New York.

We offer a full line of specialty low-air-loss mattresses, Geri-chair solutions and seating/positioner cushions.

Specialty Mattress Rentals

  • “Apollo” 3 Port – True low-air-loss, pressure redistribution foam and air mattress.
  • Power Turn Elite – Offers your patient left, right, and full-turn options (25 to 80° in turning mode; weight capacity 650 – 1000 lbs).
  • Power Pro Elite – Gentle low-air-loss accommodates patients up to 1,000 lbs.

Replacement Mattress Solutions

  • Foam mattress with pressure redistribution feature and “heal sphere” zone to help prevent tissue breakdown on bony prominence area.
  • Prevent II has several options for different budgets.
  • “Pro” – Standard but very good replacement mattress.
  • “Elite” – For where extra comfort is demanded.

Geriatric Chair Solutions

  • “Chair-Air” – Alternating recliner mattress and pump system.

Seating & Positioning Solutions

  • Dozens of wheelchair, positioning, and GRZ “self-adjusting” cushions.